What Snowmen Dream of

Cover image for "What Snowmen Dream of" English-French editionOnce upon a time, on a Christmas Eve, a snowman saw two kids decorating a Christmas Tree in their tiny house at the edge of a forest.

Oh, how he wished for his own beautiful Christmas tree that night! If only he could get inside to get a closer look! Oh, wait! Snowmen cannot go inside, they would melt! Maybe he can decorate his own Christmas Tree!

But who was going to help him find a proper fir-tree and then where would he get all the decorations? Is this too-big-a-wish?

Here comes the Snow Angel to the rescue! He knows a hedgehog or two and some squirrels who might have just what the Snowman needs for his own Christmas in the Deer Meadow! The Snowman is in for his own Christmas Miracle. Cuddle up with your little one and find out what snowmen dream of! 

This bilingual picture book is available in English-French and English-Romanian editions. 

Here is the preview for the electronic version:

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