The Adventures of the Kittycritter“, starring Lia, a 6 y.o. girl, and her tomcat, aka the Kittycritter, is an animation series dedicated to all kids who have to cope with pets they didn’t necessarily ask for. In the six episodes, produced by Liris Media with a Romanian Team of animators, the Kittycritter and little Lia go through growing pains and getting used to each other.

Very well received and frequently watched in school settings by Romanian children, the series has almost 14,000 views on YouTube, to the day.

You can find each episode by clicking on the links below, with an English transcript, until the English captions will be ready.

Episodes’ List

S01E01: Meet the Kittycritter

S01E02: The Kittycritter and the Magic Fries

S01E03: A Troubling Little Allergy

S01E04: Home Alone

S01E05: Kittycritter Goes to School

S01E06: A Kittycritter Christmas