S01E01 Meet the Kittycritter

Kittycritters are like cats and all,
Especially when young and small.
With sharper teeth that bite a bit,
Still, they are pretty, I admit.
You cannot tell by color or jitter
If it’s a cat or a kittycritter.
They all purr and arch and mew
But it’s a trick they play on you.
All they want is milk in the bowl
And to plan tonight’s brawl.
Cats are lovely, I dare say,
And they cannot wait to play.
Kittycritters are different, ’cause
They cling on you with all their claws.
Trying to pet them you will fail,
And God forbid you touch their tail!
In a flash, they turn and spit you
Give the evil eye and quit you.
Where they come from, you would know?
They are born of cats then grow.
Normally they would behave
And would be so cute and brave!
But they cry up on the table
Or get tangled in the cable.
They’d never cause so much frustration
If they had some education.
I guess they miss their mother’s bliss
Or some charming little sis.
I guess they had no time to learn
Not to steal meatballs and turn
All the objects upside down,
Knowing it will make you frown.
How can you turn a Kittycritter into a Kitty?
Easy. Just tell her “You’re so small and pretty!
You’re just too young to know
Not to bite on my left toe.
But soon you’ll grow into a puss
And great happiness awaits us!”

(English version by Ana Alfianu)

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