“I am a dreamer. I think the world we live in needs stories that heal. I “see” stories that can help children, not only entertain them, but also help them get over their fears and uncertainties. I create worlds in which there is no place for violence or ugliness. I tell stories that heal and comfort and are a great start for further dreaming and imagining. I love children and their beautiful, inquisitive minds. I owe all my stories to listening to them when they doubt themselves, when they are trying to understand the world that surrounds them.
I am a storyteller. I am a visionary. I am always one bit ahead of my times.”

Andreea Demirgian is a children’s books author, published in seven languages in Europe and North America.  A Broadcast Journalist with a career spanning over 17 years, Andreea was born in Bucharest, Romania.

Her first book, “The Stories of Miss Firicel”, published by Editura Aramis, was a best seller at the Gaudeamus Book Fair in 2009. This title is now sold out. Since 2009, she has published seven other books with various publishing houses, in bilingual editions. You can find all the titles in the Books section of this website.

Andreea believes in the stories’ power to heal and inspire children of all ages. She makes it a point in having her books printed in bilingual editions, to help preserve her children’s native language, Romanian, and also to accommodate the two official languages of her new country, English and French. Three of her books have also been published in German, Chinese, Arabic, and Turkish.

In 2017, Andreea started producing the animated series of “The Adventures of the Kittycritter”, which has over 14,000 views on YouTube. She has recorded the audiobook version for all her books and also has voiced seven other story collections. In 2016 she started a podcast called Story Time, in her native language. She has recorded 50 stories for this podcast, that has been played over 50,000 times.

Andreea has translated 17 best-selling novels for Readers’ Digest, books authored by Jeffrey Archer, Marry Higgins Clarke, Maeve Binchy and Lee Child, among others. She has also translated nine titles by famous children’s books authors like Catherine Dolto, Don Freeman, and Virginia Lee Burton.

In 2014, Andreea relocated to Canada. She lives with her family in Mississauga and is currently involved in an Academic Writing Program for children.

Andreea is a founding member of the IWA – Immigrant Writers Association – in Canada and Youth Coordinator for Mississauga Writers Group.