I Wish I Were a Unicorn

Front Cover "I Wish I Were a Unicorn" - English - French version

Cover of “I Wish I Were a Unicorn”

Unicorns! Aren’t they everywhere nowadays? Andreea’s latest book, “I Wish I Were a Unicorn“, tells the story of a hardworking dragon who fantasizes of being something he can never be. But after a few attempts at being as magic as the pure white creatures, he decides otherwise.

Discover the Land of the Puffy Clouds, with its perpetual rainbows and magical creatures! Then stop by The Land of the Fire Dragons and meet the Keepers of the Universe.

In a world full of unicorns, even some fireflies might choose to remain dragons.
This hard-cover bilingual fantasy picture book will soon be available in an English-French edition.

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Here is a preview of the book:I Wish I Were a Unicorn preview pageI Wish I Were a Unicorn preview pages 4-5

I Wish I Were a Unicorn Preview pages 6-7

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