S01E05 Kittycritter Goes to School

One afternoon, Lia thought it would be cool

To spice things up and to play School.

She would, of course, be the teacher

While her favorite student would be the Kittycritter.

There were other students in her class:

A felt bear, a dragon, and three or four pups.

But the Kittycritter was by far

The best behaved of them all.

He just sat on his chair, never stirred

He just sat there and never said a word.

Until Miss Lia said

“Welcome to the School of Toys,

The best there is, for girls and boys!

We shall learn to write, subtract and rhyme

And maybe even to read, if there is time”.

So the Kittycritter suddenly understood

That school had really begun, and for good!

Wait a minute: do you mean from now on

All mischief is forever gone?

Four hours a day to not be free

Not roaming the halls and no tv?

And sit so close to the dragon? Why?

Not doing anything, not even sleeping? He could cry!

And after a very short nap

He jumped from the chair and threatened to snap

He hid under the bed and started to moan

That he’s tired and he wants to go home

That he is bored and… is it not the time for lunch yet?

Oh, and yes, most of all, he needs a good pet!

Miss Lia pulled him from under the bed

Took him in her arms, caressed him and said

Come on little critter, don’t be sad!

You’ll make some good friends,

we will teach you some games,

You are a smart cat,

nothing will be the same!

I already know my ABCs,

And soon you’ll know too,

just wait and see!

I have some good stories,

You’ll get lots of help

So be a good critter, there’s no need to yelp!”

The Kittycritter calmed down and starts to purr again,

He goes back to his chair, he even grabs a pen,

Then sways his tail, twitches his nose,

To see even better, he gets close.

After all, going to school’s not so bad,

He knows now for sure, that’s what Lia said.

A Kittycritter that can read,

needs not to beg another kid

for bedtime stories, like before.

And although he wasn’t sure hundred percent

That he needed schooling, he decided to bend.

He leaped in Lia’s lap and started to listen

And all of a sudden, his brain started to glisten.

Hey, kids, do you enjoy going to school?

Can you help this poor kitty to not act like a fool?

Can you share any tips? Do you know any tricks?

What is a kitty to do if he ever gets bored?

Or needs to go to the toilet? Or can’t be still anymore?

What if the Dragon is mean?

What if the Pups are too keen?

What if he’s thirsty? What can he do?

Can he play with the boys? Can he play with girls, too?

What if he misses mom? Or he needs something to eat?

What if he has something to say and can’t sit?

Should he raise a paw? Should he meow?

Is that still acceptable now?

How long did it take you to get used to going to school?

Are there any potions, is there any tool?

Please, give a hand to the poor kittycritter,

Give him a piece of advice so he won’t be bitter!

(English version by Ana Alfianu and Andreea Demirgian)

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