S01E03 A Troubling Little Allergy

One morning our Kittycritter 
Had an epiphany:
A troubling little allergy
That made him rather bitter.
An allergy to little girls
And their pigtails, especially.
If, say, he bumped into
Lioara, he cried and sneezed.
And so under the bed he squeezed
And stayed there, feeling blue.
If not, alas!
His whiskers drooped,
His tail puffed up,
In short, he lost all class!
But anyway, it seems to me
All critters have this allergy.
The reason they become so coy
Could sometimes mean there’s too much joy
Around them, or just too much glitter
Annoying  the poor Kittycritter.
Also, some triggers for the allergy
Are ribbons and pom poms and pink.
The truth is, in reality
The problem’s bigger than you think.
Even the teacups make him shrink!
So what’s the cure for Kittycritter?
Pull him gently from under the bed
(Use gloves, he’s still quite mad)
Avoid all pink and all the glitter
And find a room that’s safe.
A special room, with no pom poms
No hair pins and no ribbons.
Make sure there is a bowl of milk
And cozy chairs covered in silk.
Leave the critter overnight.
And have the little girls clean up
Their rooms, until they’re bright.
No ribbons, books and teacups,
No pink to trigger hiccups.
Also, no toy cars. As you know,
Not only little boys love wheels!
Girls also know how good it feels
To drive and ride and go!
So when the room is spick-and-span
Place there the Kittycritter.
No allergies if there’s no litter,
So he can rest at ease again.
The little girls can come and play,
There will be no more sneezing.
But what about the pigtails teasing
The Kittycritter? I should say
They’re not to blame.
The real culprit is the mess
Made by the little girls, oh yes!
Although the boys are just the same!
So listen to me, girls and boys,
For a happy Kittycritter
Allergy-free and rarely bitter,
Always clean up your toys!
(English Version: Ana Alfianu)

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