S01E02 The Kittycritter and the Magic Fries

What happened to the Kittycritter

After he had some fries?

I’m telling you it wasn’t wise!

It definitely wasn’t pretty!

Her whiskers and his tail curled up

As did his tabby fur.

In vain he gave an angry purr

No smoothing worked, it was a flop!

He tried to lick it straight again,

And then to comb it flat.

A shy and sorry little cat

He hid behind the couch, in vain.

He waited there

And gave a snort:

How awful! Like a Poodle, me!

I’d rather die.

I cannot bear.

In short:

I’m a Hairdresser ad

Won’t you agree?

Behind the couch, in pitch black shade

His eyes unseen,

His purrs unheard,

Only his tail remained outside and swayed,

And swayed.

I accidentally stepped on it!

He was annoyed beyond belief!

He swelled and then puffed up as if

To jump on me and bite a bit!

But then his whiskers, fur, and tail

At once became all smooth and plain.

And ever since that nasty day

he never tried the fries again.

No lures or charms could now convince him

To eat enchanted fries.

The Kittycritter’s very wise

And keeps an even fur.

And we all know there aren’t many

Curled kittycritters in the world.

(English Version by Ana Alfianu)

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