Prince Tulip and the Music of the World

Cover image for "Prince Tulip and The Music of the World" English-French Edition“Prince Tulip and the Music of the World” tells the story of a royal who aspired to be part of something bigger than he already was: he wanted to join the stars, the wind and the trees in performing the Music of the World. But the Great Conductor, the Evening Wind, thinks that the Prince has yet to grow before being accepted in his Universal Orchestra. 

Meet Doctor Chamomile and the Morning Fairies! They will help Prince Tulip understand the difference between a dream and a whim and teach him that with hard work and determination, any dream can come true! This bilingual picture book is available in English-Romanian and soon in English-French editions, for only $11.99 CAD.

Cover image for "Prince Tulip and the Music of the World" Romanian-German EditionThrough a European Union Project, this book has been also printed in other languages, with a different illustrator.

You can order it in Romanian-Chinese,  Romanian-German  or Romanian-Turkish.

This is a preview: Prince Tulip and the Music of the World