We all have a friend who’s also a writer. Especially nowadays, when virtually anybody can be a writer. It’s easy! You just sit down and start writing, and pouf! You’re an author. I, personally, know a lot of authors. Some are published, others are not. Some wrote 9-10-20 books, others are still pouring over the first 37 pages. Some of them won international prizes or “Best-selling” badges on Amazon. Maybe it’s because of my profession. Maybe it’s because, I, too, am an author. I know tons of people who call themselves writers. And here is the hint for all my wonderful readers:

The best thing you can do for your friend who’s also a writer is to buy his/her books. Even better, send them feedback. Or review them on Amazon. Show up at the book launch. Shake the author’s hand. Give a hug. Ask a question to help others discover what a wonderful person this writer friend of yours is.

We, writers, thrive on people who believe in us. We depend on them, on their presence, on their feedback, either openly or secretly, we starve for some honest words about the tiny piece of our hearts that we entrusted the rest of the world with. Yes, we can take even the negative feedback. We will sulk, for sure, but, secretly, we’ll take that feedback and put it to work. So please, keep it coming, ignore the sobs, we’re grown-ups, we’ll get over it.

But do come! Be there! Buy the book! Shake the hand! Give the hug! Eat the cookie! Spread the word!

Claudiu Murgan speaks at the book launch

Dear world, today, my friend Claudiu Murgan celebrated his second book, “Water Entanglement”. It’s a science-fiction book to which we can all relate. It’s about how important water is and how difficult our future will be unless we pay more attention to it.

For his book launch event, he went through a lot of trouble. He made a trailer. He printed bookmarks, posters, and cards. He hired a professional event organizer. He rented a room. He invited prestigious scientists to talk about his book.

Author signs book He made sure there were refreshments. He went through a lot of emotions and gave a lot of thought to every minute of the event. He cared so much about every little detail. And the event was a success.

He did have a room full of people there for him, to tell him “We believe in you”. Lots of others were watching us live on Facebook. There was a raffle. There were incentives and prizes. We had a blast.

How many books did he sell, you might wonder? I don’t know, I had to leave after about two hours. After being delighted with the wonderful conversation he had with Nina Munteanu. After taking in all the amazing energy that filled the room.

So please, if you, too, have a friend who’s also a writer, do show up. It matters.

PS:  I recently sat down with Claudiu, and talked about his book and his journey.

Thank you, Claudiu! I believe in you!